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Dana White: 'I’m no Josh Koscheck fan -- Personally, I think he’s [expletive]'


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"I’m no Josh Koscheck fan. Personally, I think he’s [expletive]. We actually don’t get along very well. I like Paul Daley a lot, but what he did was inexcusable. He walked over to Koscheck and Koscheck could have thought he was coming over to shake hands or congratulate him and he took a cheap shot at him like that. If you throw a sucker punch like that after a fight in the UFC, I don’t care who you are, you’re done. He’ll never fight for us again. I cut Nick Diaz after he was fighting [Joe Riggs] at the hospital. People are sick and dying and you can’t be in the hospital fighting. I cut the guy even though I know he’s a very good fighter."

UFC President Dana White has some very unflattering words for 170-pound welterweight number one contender Josh Koscheck, who overcame the British invasion of Paul Daley at UFC 113 last Saturday night in Montreal. Despite his fondness for "Semtex," White handed the power-puncher his pink slip after taking a swipe at "Kos" following their fight on May 8 -- and even draws comparisons to Nick Diaz (even though Diaz fought three more times under the UFC banner following his hospital incident). Fighter conduct has been a hot topic on the heels of the Strikeforce CBS brawl in Nashville back on April 17, but is any different than unprofessional behavior in other sports? Or just magnified because MMA is an industry already pegged as "unnecessarily violent" by mainstream haters?

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