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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 11: Episode 7 recap and discussion


Episode seven of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 11, featuring coaches Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell and Tito "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Ortiz, gets underway with a recap of the (somewhat) controversial majority decision from episode six that favored Nick Ring over Court McGee.

The general consensus seems to be that win or lose, Ring didn't live up to the hype.

Sloppy, tentative, etc. -- and Coach Ortiz has a special drill to help correct those deficiencies. Unfortunately a knee injury to Ring may make it a moot point. In addition, there are two wild card spots to get to before heading to the semifinals and the recently-eliminated McGee wants first dibs.

During a Team Ortiz training session Nick Ring and his knee decide to separate over irreconcilable differences. Tito throws around a few ligament buzzwords and as of now the future of Ring is in doubt.

Seth Baczynski and Joe Henle are set to hook 'em up and both go through the requisite tough talk prior to the showdown. Henle earned an advanced degree but has no intentions of using it because "he's a fighter."

Baczynski gives a generic "I am a fighter" speech and Henle mentions his MBA again.

Then again.

Both fighters make weight without incident.

Elimination fight number #7: Seth Baczynski (11-5) vs. Joe Henle (3-0)

Round 1: Arianny sighting! Whoo-hoo! OVERWHELMING HOTNESS. Touch of gloves and a few leg kicks are traded before Henle gets an ugly takedown. Baczynski goes right to the triangle but Henle powers out of it and amidst the scramble basically gives Baczynski his neck on a silver platter. He sinks in the guillotine but can't seal the deal and Henle gets out of danger for the second time. Henle tries some ground and pound but looks a little lost and instead tries to work for an alligator roll -- which rolls Baczynski around and right back into guard. He tries to escape and gives up his back so Henle attempts a rear naked choke but loses it and also loses in position. Now Henle is in guard and Baczynski looks a little better with the ground and pound than Henle did but still doesn't do a tremendous amount of damage. Baczynski lands a nice elbow right before the bell. Close round but Baczynski finished strong.

Round 2: Body kick lands for Henle. They clinch against the cage and Baczynski gets an awkward takedown and manages to land on bottom. Henle working for position and gets his back in a scramble. Again he tries for the rear naked choke and again loses both the hold and position. Baczynski tries for an arm but loses it and Henle jumps back into his guard. Fatigue has set in as they battle for position. Henle tries to work the Jeff Monson/Brandon Lee Hinkle north/south choke and Baczynski isn't having it. He gets to his feet but Henle gets him back down. Off camera, Dana White exclaims "This is like an [expletive] wrestling match." Baczynski works his way to Henle's back and looks like he might have the rear naked choke but Henle is saved by the bell. Unfortunately the viewers are not saved from a third round of this boring fight.

Round 3: Baczynski right to the takedown and Henle reverts to the fetal position. A minute goes by with no action and the referee warns them for inactivity. Baczynski finally realizes he's in a fight and starts finding a home for the elbows. Henle looks too gassed to defend but sure is a good sport about getting fingers jammed into his eyes and face. A minute left in the fight and it's all Baczynski. Henle needs a miracle but doesn't get it. Baczynski doesn't do much damage but mauls him for the better part of four minutes to seal the deal.

Seth Baczynski defeats Joe Henle via unanimous decision

After the fight, Dana decides to have the two best eliminated fighters duke it out for the wildcard spot. Kyacey Uscola gets selected to battle Kris McCray to see who gets another chance at TUF stardom. Filling in for Rich Attonito will be Court McGee since he got boned by the judges.

Joe Henle and Chris Hammertree are upset for getting passed over for the wildcard spot.

Stay tuned next week as Uscola and McCray fight for the right to stay in the competition, the coaches choose the quarterfinal match-ups and something happens to a fighter that forces Dana to visit the TUF house. Who will it be?

See you next week!

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