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UFC Quick Quote: Rashad Evans is a 'step backward,' but a nice 'warm up' for Rampage Jackson


"I want to go get Rashad. Nice warm-up fight, kick his ass. Fight Shogun, redeem myself for my sleep, for my mind. Then go and beat the hell out of Forrest, retire him.... I feel like fighting Rashad is a step backwards, because he doesn’t have the belt anymore. But if things go right, this will be a nice warm-up fight for Shogun. If everything works out it will be nice. Everybody knows I took time off, it would be stupid to go right into a title fight with Shogun so this will be a good test for me. If I lose to Rashad I don’t even deserve to get my belt back!"

-- Former light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson maps out his road back to the top of the 205-pound heap, as well as his plans afterward, in a recent interview with Fighters Only magazine. It's rather ambitious, considering that the new B.A. Barracus "retired" not too long ago to pursue a high-profile role in the "A-Team" remake. Perhaps he realizes that there is a bit of unfinished business to tend to before he heads back to Hollywood. First up is his coaching counterpart on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), Rashad Evans, in the main event at UFC 114 later this month. After that tune up, Jackson plans to exact revenge on reigning division champion, Shogun Rua, who punted his head into the Japanese crowd under the Pride FC banner in 2005, and then Forrest Griffin, who he dropped a decision to in 2008. Will Jackson's plan come together when all is said and done or does "Sugar" have what it takes to send him back to the silver screen?

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