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Josh Koscheck: 'I’m gonna go in there and wrestle his ass down and rear naked choke him in round one'




"I believe that if I look past Paul Daley, I’m a fool, and by no means am I looking past him. My only focus is on Paul Daley and beating him. He’s been talking a lot of garbage and I like it. I like the fact that he’s so confident, and I like that he says that he’s ready to go, because that means that after I whip his ass, there are gonna be no excuses. And if he does make excuses, then we’re gonna see what kind of character he has and what type of person Paul Daley is. The funny thing is, Paul Daley keeps saying ‘stand toe-to-toe with me.’ Well, how ‘bout we go out there and get in a wrestling stance? There’s a good chance of that. I’ve got 50 takedowns in me in 15 minutes, I can guarantee you that. And every time Paul Daley goes to bed at night, he’s gotta think "Oh $%^%, Josh Koscheck’s probably gonna take me down and throw me on my head.’ So if you’re a betting man, you better go to Vegas right now, and put money on Josh Koscheck because now that the guy has pissed me off, I can guarantee you that I’m gonna go in there and wrestle his ass down and rear naked choke him in round one. There you have it. I’ll probably beat him up a little bit before I choke him out, but in round one, he’s getting choked out. And that’s what he’s gonna have to sleep with over the next week – ‘How the hell am I gonna stop from getting taken down and put on my ass?’"

Former UFC welterweight number one contender Josh Koscheck changes his tune a bit in his recent UFC 113 blog, moving away from previous claims that he was going to keep it standing against the hard-hitting British import Paul Daley on May 8 in Montreal. "Semtex" has won four straight with four first round knockouts and "Kos" probably will rely on his bread-and-butter to avoid being number five. The AKA standout is gunning for another crack at division champion Georges St. Pierre with a win next Saturday night. With Fitch and Alves already booked, it seems like beating Daley just might get him there. Any fantasy matchmakers out there have a better choice?

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