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UFC 112 odds and betting lines for 'Invincible' on April 10


Yesterday I saw one of the millions (and millions) of readers digging through his car's seat cushions trying to round up enough spare change to gas up his broken down Buick. I though he lost his job or was struck with financial hardship.

As it turns out, he simply failed to listen to Nostradumbass back at Fight Night 21.

Admit it, you saw the +220 on Stefan Struve and let the haterade get the best of you. Or maybe you thought Gomi would represent? Or that Siver was the "Real Deal?"

Well, you came up lame but you've got to walk it off because opportunities have arisen for the upcoming UFC 112 event from the Concert Arena in Abu Dhabi.

Remember that the "Invincible" Anderson Silva has been submitted before -- and Demian Maia is as good as they come on the ground. Anyone taking that line? No? Me neither -- but that doesn't mean it can't happen.

That's why they call them "upsets."

Anything is possible in this sport -- and those who lay down some cheddar on the underdogs come April 10 stand to make a healthy profit. Assuming you win, of course. Anyone thinking parlay? Take a look at the numbers and let's hear your play.

Here are the latest UFC 112 odds (- = favorite; + = underdog):

Anderson Silva
-700 BET NOW
Demian Maia
+450 BET NOW
BJ Penn
-700 BET NOW
Frankie Edgar
+450 BET NOW
Matt Hughes
-450 BET NOW
Renzo Gracie
+325 BET NOW
Terry Etim
-160 BET NOW
Rafael Dos Anjos
+130 BET NOW
Mark Munoz
-160 BET NOW
Kendall Grove
+130 BET NOW
Phil Davis
-500 BET NOW
Alexander Gustafsson
+350 BET NOW


For a little help with how to bet on UFC fights and what all the numbers mean check out this post right HERE (Disregard the UFC 85 references … all the information is still accurate and helpful.)

Remember that will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the main card action on fight night (Sat., April 10). It’s going to be an exciting night of fights so don’t miss it. And remember to check us out for all the pre, during and post-fight coverage you can handle.

To check out the most recent "Invincible" fight card click here.

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