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UFC 111 drug test results come back clean from NJSAC for 'St. Pierre vs Hardy'


Nobody was slipping through the cracks in Jersey.

The New Jersey State Athletic Commission (NJSAC) today confirmed that all 20 of the competitors from UFC 111: "St. Pierre vs. Hardy" on March 27 were tested for illegal/banned substances and all results came back clean.

It is highly unusual for all fighters on a given UFC event, or any mixed martial arts event for that matter, to be drug tested. Generally speaking, about half of the participants of a fight card partake in some form of pre and/or post -fight drug testing, but the NJSAC is well known for being one of, if not the most, stringent and thorough commissions in the country.

In addition to providing the regular urine sample, an unknown number of fighters were also subject to pre-fight blood testing.

The Garden State don't play.

UFC 111 of course saw welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre once again defend his crown with a dominant unanimous decision victory over game challenger Dan Hardy as well as a vicious thrashing of Frank Mir at the hands of undefeated heavyweight mauler Shane Carwin.

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