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Gone with the wind? No 'Plan B' for UFC 112 outdoor event




"I've always been terrified of doing an outdoor show. If it starts raining and the wind starts blowing ... right now there's no Plan B. The high possibility of rain happening... it's not gonna happen. It's not gonna rain there; we know it's not gonna happen. It would have to be crazy for it to rain in Abu Dhabi. Wind could be a factor. It's very dusty and sandy there. I'm worried about the wind."

UFC President Dana White puts his fate in the hands of Mother Nature heading into the promotion's first-ever outdoor event slated for the Concert Arena at Ferrari World on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. While rain doesn't come too often in the desert, it's not unusual for high winds and sandstorms to wreak havoc at a moment's notice. Aside from the stellar fight line up, any Maniacs tuning in to Saturday's pay-per-view just to see what kind of hi-jinx go down on April 10?

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