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Bobby Lashley: 'I'm fully prepared to step into the cage when the time is right'


Sorry for the delay in responding to all of you who are eager to see me fight again. I will not be on the Strikeforce card in April, but my training is going very well and I'm fully prepared to step into the cage when the time is right. I will let you know as soon as my next fight is set!

Undefeated Strikeforce heavyweight Bobby Lashley (5-0) talks to his Facebook peeps about the when's and where's of his next fight. While we haven't seen "The Dominator" since his "Miami" win over Wes Sims last January, Lashley has been vocal about continuing his slow build to the upper echelon of 265-pounders. Does the part-time professional wrestler pose a legitimate threat to the promotion's top heavyweights? Or does this muscular mass of mayhem still need a few more turns on the spit?

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