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Urijah Faber: 'The plan is to stay at 145 and only drop to 135 for super fights'


Props: Pro MMA Radio


"I want to keep fighting at 145 lbs. If I go down to 135 lbs., it'd be for super fights only. It's something that I can very easily do [make 135], but I've got a lot of friends at 135. I'm just gonna heal up and wait and see what happens...  [Asked about a possible fight with Miguel Torres] I like Miguel Torres and I don't see a reason to fight him unless it's a huge, monumental fight. But if that's the case, then so be it. Right now the plan is to stay at 145 and only fight in super fights at 135. I still have a lot of stuff to improve on. This is a sport where you have to continue to evolve."

Following his valiant effort in a one-sided loss to Jose Aldo at WEC 48: "Aldo vs. Faber," many people in the MMA community have been calling for "The California Kid" to drop down to 135 lbs. and make a run at the title that Dominick Cruz currently owns. But in speaking with Larry Pepe on this week's edition of Pro MMA Radio, Faber made it clear that he still has intentions of staying at 145 lbs. while only dropping down a weight class for super fights. Urijah also seemed to be pretty uninterested in a fight with former bantamweight kingpin Miguel Torres, which is a bout that still has some intrigue despite both fighters' recent struggles. Do you Maniacs think he's making the right choice in staying in the featherweight division where he's unlikely to recapture the title? Or do you think a move down to 135 lbs. would be in his best interest? Drop that knowledge.

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