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MMA Quick Quote: Andrei Arlovski knows he can't afford another loss at Strikeforce: 'Heavy Artillery'


"This fight is very important for me. It's been about nine months since my last fight so I just can't wait to fight again. After I lost to Brett Rogers I had meetings with all my trainers and they gave me a lot of ultimatums and said that I had to do it their way or that I would have to start to look for new trainers. When I fought Rogers I didn't stick to my game plan and I didn't take him seriously. So after that loss I just kept training and training and in November of 2009 I met with Greg Jackson and started training with him. I came back and trained in Chicago and then started working with Bob Cook and the guys at AKA Academy and then went back to Chicago. So I've had a lot of experience with different trainers. Everything happens for a reason and I'm more disciplined now. I'm definitely going to stick to my game plan. No more putting my hands down like I did against Rogers. I just can't lose again. It's very dramatic for me to lose fights and I want to climb back into the top. It's going to be a very tough and important fight for me."

On yesterday's Strikeforce: "Heavy Artillery" media call, former UFC heavyweight champion and current Strikeforce heavyweight contender Andrei Arlovski shared his thoughts on his upcoming contest with Antonio "Big Foot" Silva on May 15. "Pitbull," who is best known for his high-level stand up game, especially compared to other fighters in the heavyweight division, has seen himself fall victim to some vicious knockouts in back-to-back fights. Of course they came against stiff competition to say the least in Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers, but Arlovski knows a third straight defeat would all but end his time as a competitive top-tier heavyweight. So, how do we see this match up playing out? Will Arlovski get back in the win column against Silva, or will the saying "all bad things come in threes" bear out in this fight?

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