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UFC 115: Rich Franklin wants to make a run at the light heavyweight title starting with Chuck Liddell


Props: Cage Potato


"If I cut back down to 185, it's a completely different cut to make it and I will have completely undone everything I've done to put on the size I have. I want to make a run for the title and I don't want to keep doing things that are counterproductive to that, like fights at 195. You can't count Chuck out of any fight. Yeah, he hasn't fought in a year, and yeah, he's lost four of his past five fights, but look at what he's done over the span of his career. He's a legend and he has beaten such an incredible list of opponents, it would be a huge mistake to look past a guy like him."

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin appears to have made a permanent return to the light heavyweight division after spending a good portion of his career at 185-pounds (and a pair of catchweight fights at 195-pounds). "Ace" plans on making a run at the division title starting with his UFC 115 bout against Chuck Liddell on June 12 in Vancouver. Will the former school teacher be put on ice against one of the UFC's most recognizable stars? Or will it be the beginning of the Franklin era?

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