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Lyoto Machida: 'I never underestimated Shogun'


Props: Fight! Magazine


"After analyzing the fight and thinking about the fight, I still feel the judges made the right choice. I never underestimated Shogun. I knew he was a tough fighter. I never underestimate anybody. A fight is a fight and you never know what is going to happen until you start fighting. Both for myself and for Shogun, being in there with each other for 25 minutes, I’m sure he noticed some things about me and I noticed some things about him. I think that makes it so much greater for the rematch this time around. I believe the main priority of the fighter is to go in there and fight well."

Reigning light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida talks about his controversial unanimous decision win over challenger Mauricio Rua at UFC 104 last October as he prepares to rematch his fellow Brazilian a week from Saturday at UFC 113 from the Bell Centre in Montreal. "Shogun" appeared to be getting the better of the exchanges in their five round title fight and many fans were prepared to crown Rua the new 205-pound champ. Unfortunately for Shogun, cageside judges Nelson Hamilton, Marcos Rosales and Cecil Peoples scored it differently. UFC President Dana White declared an immediate rematch and we may finally have resolution to one of the most controversial decisions in UFC championship history. Who ya' got?

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