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UFC Quick Quote: Paul 'Semtex' Daley not interested in a rematch with 'boring' Jake Shields


"I am not in a rush to rematch him. I am so much better than I was when I lost that fight. I don’t like talking about it - I didn’t perform and I didn’t do myself justice. He’s a boring fighter. Fair play, he’s had a lot of wins and he’s a top fighter who adds to the division, but I enjoy being called the most exciting new fighter in the UFC and don’t want boring fights. Shields is always in boring fights due to his style and I don’t want to be in boring bouts. I am happy to go 6-0 in the UFC before thinking of a title shot. But I also understand that champ Georges St-Pierre is running out of opponents and so guys are getting title fights a little sooner because GSP has beaten a lot of the top guys, including Koscheck."

There's been a lot of talk about Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Jake Shields coming to the UFC when his current contract expires -- but don't add Paul Daley to the list of people who are excited over the possibility of him competing inside the Octagon. Perhaps that's because "Semtex" was submitted by the grappling whiz back at Elite XC: "Heat" in October 2008. The British striker tells The Daily Record he's a much improved fighter since they last met but has no interest in avenging that loss simply because he doesn't want to subject himself to a boring fight. Anyone out there in MMA-land who's satisfied with that excuse?

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