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Paul Daley: 'For 10 points, name that clown with the stupid hair who is the only guy to ever get KTFO by Paulo Thiago'




Okay, if we are doing this, let’s talk about his style. He’s not that great a wrestler. His takedowns have been stuffed by almost every opponent he’s faced. He can’t kick-box for crap, not if his life depended on it. If he tries to stand with me for even a second, I fear for his well-being. His ground and pound is crap. If he grounded and pounded me in my sleep he’d barely have enough power in his punches to wake me up. His subs are based on his strength; the technique is almost non-existent. He’s a good athlete and is strong, but I am so much stronger. I’m a different species than him. His subs just won’t work on me. Forget it, Fraggle. Knock me out? Too funny. People with glass chins shouldn’t throw stones. I don’t have a BJJ black belt, but I am sure I hit a little harder than Paulo Thiago, who almost decapitated Kos like a geek in a horror film. Thiago is a tough dude and a top contender I would love to fight, but the black and white of it is he’d never scored a knockout before he sparked Kos out and he’s not scored one since. It’s a trivia question: 'For 10 points: Name that clown with the stupid hair who is the only guy to ever get KTFO by Paulo Thiago?'"

British brawler Paul Daley has an unflattering skill assessment of perennial welterweight contender, Josh Koscheck, who he meets at the upcoming UFC 113 event from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on May 8. "Semtex" is as confident as they come and the heavy-handed welterweight striker has been able to back it up with two lethal performances since making his promotional debut. He torched the title hopes of Martin Kampmann with a first round technical knockout at UFC 103: "Franklin vs. Belfort" and then brutalized grappling whiz Dustin Hazelett at UFC 108: "Evans vs. Silva" with a crushing knockout in his most recent performance. Is "Kos" the final hurdle before a 170-pound title fight? Or is Daley in for a rude awakening in Montreal?

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