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WEC Quick Quote: Donald Cerrone did exactly what Ben Henderson wanted


"I've got feelings of euphoria running through my body. I'm extremely, incredibly, ecstatically happy. The guillotine is something we've worked on a lot. When you get on top of guys, they want to get back up at all costs. Sometimes they come up and give up their necks and it just so happened that (Donald Cerrone) did exactly what we wanted."

Reigning WEC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson cements his place as one of the world's top lightweight fighters after finishing the venerable Donald Cerrone in the first round of their 155-pound rematch at last night's "Aldo vs Faber" pay-per-view event. "Smooth" -- who also choked out Jamie Varner at WEC 46 earlier this year -- tells that he's now prepared for his biggest challenge to date -- getting married. Anyone want to take a guess what WEC lightweight is next in line for the title? And do they stand a chance against the ever-improving Henderson?

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