Georges St. Pierre: 'I want to fight the best and Jake Shields is the best right now'



"[Jake Shields is] a great submission fighter. He's got great technique and takedowns. He's very good at not getting hit standing up, he's a perfect mixed martial artist and he's going to have a long career. He's a very smart guy and I have a lot of respect for this guy. I love watching his fights.... As a matter of fact, there's only a few guys I like to watch in mixed martial arts, to learn, and he's one of them. I like to watch Jake Shields, Anderson Silva, Mauricio Shogun, Lyoto Machida. I like to watch also Fedor and Sakuraba back in the day, the Gracies, but there are few other guys that I like watching for my own personal learning....Shields is amazing. He's of course the guy to beat right now. He's fighting at 185 lbs right now, and he's dominating and beating everyone at 185, and he's (a natural) 170 lbs fighter. He's not only an amazing fighter, he's an amazing jiu-jitsu fighter.... As a proud champion, I want to fight the best and Jake Shields is the best right now."

UFC President Dana White isn't the only one who is making a push for Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Jake Shields to switch sweaters -- Georges St. Pierre is now making the case for him to step inside the Octagon. Shields recently scored a unanimous decision win over former Pride FC dual champion and UFC veteran, Dan Henderson, at Strikeforce: "Nashville" live on CBS. A natural welterweight, Shields -- who was the Elite XC welterweight champion -- recently moved up to 185 pounds because the talent pool at 170 in Strikeforce is so shallow. And he's performed well, taking out notables such as Robbie Lawler, Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Henderson. In fact, Shields has not lost in six years, winning 14 consecutive fights against some of the best competition outside the UFC. He's certainly proved that he belongs inside the eight-walled cage. And his contract with Strikeforce is about to expire. Will he renew it or make the leap to the UFC, and if so, what are his chances against "Rush" and the rest of the top welterweights in the division? Might we see him as a "coach" on the next season of The Ultimate Figher? Opinions, please.

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