Winner of Koscheck vs Daley to coach TUF 12 opposite of Georges St Pierre

Dana White hinted that he had something in the works for the winner of the Koscheck- Daley fight a few weeks ago, and said well have to see what happens. Well it appears the winner of this fight is going to coach The Ultimate Fighter 12 opposite of George St Pierre and fight for the welterweight title at the end of the season. I personally think GSP and Koscheck would make for great coaches on the next season. I know Koscheck was a collegiate wrestling coach before the ultimate fighter so he has the experience. Im not sure if Daley would make a great coach, dont know a whole lot about him, and i think his fight with GSP would turn out just like Dan Hardy's.



Today, I received an email from someone who trains in Team Roughhouse. Apparently over the weekend, Joe Silva called Paul Daley to let him know that the winner of his upcoming UFC 113 bout with Josh Koscheck will be the new coach on The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 with Georges St. Pierre coaching the opposite team. You're probably already putting the pieces together. Whoever is Georges St. Pierre's rival coach on TUF 12 will eventually face GSP at the end of the show and it will be for the UFC Welterweight title.

So what do you think Maniacs?

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