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Chael Sonnen: Nobody cares about 'Britney' Silva


Props: KHTK - Sports 1140 AM


"I compare Anderson to Britney Spears. She shaved her head to get headlines. Britney Silva went up to 205, retired, etc. Nobody cares... When my music hits and the doors close, the fight's on. I'm not going to dance, juke or jive. I will find him... You know what you're getting with Silva. A guy who pretends he doesn't speak English, is a fantastic athlete, and acts like a fool. If you like that, go buy his t-shirt with the other two guys who like him."

Zing! And just think, we have about four more months of this verbal warfare to behold. Regardless of whether you think Sonnen is the right choice to face Silva after the UFC 112 debacle or if you think he has more than a prayer to beat him, you have to give the guy some credit, he's gonna sell the heck out of this fight. Chael has a true disdain for Anderson and isn't afraid to let the world know. So, are you Maniacs amused by this smack talk, waiting on the edge of your seat for Sonnen to unleash the next wave of verbal bashing, or do you actually think Sonnen is just digging his own grave here?

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