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Donald Cerrone: WEC fighters are more exciting than their UFC counterparts


Props: Pro MMA Radio


"Going to pay-per-view will definitely make a difference in the pay scale for our fighters. We're stepping it up. I think we should do it just like the UFC and Spike TV. Have a mix of free cards and pay-per-view cards. We're not the little brother to the UFC. The WEC is right there. We deserve the same spotlight. The lighter weight guys are just as exciting and just as talented, if not more. I think we bring a lot more excitement."

In anticipation of his WEC 48 rematch with lightweight champion Ben Henderson on April 24, Donald Cerrone talks about the WEC's initial foray into the pay-per-view market and the promotion's transition to more of a UFC-based model. Clearly, the "Cowboy" strongly believes that WEC guys are just as worthy of the attention that UFC fighters get. He's probably right too. WEC events often provide for great match ups with non-stop action. So what do we think? Is the WEC product unjustly overshadowed by their " big brother?" Or, does the UFC take center stage for a reason? What promotion do you enjoy watching more, Maniacs?

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