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UFC Quick Quote: Tito Ortiz defends his position amidst fallout from 'Fibgate'


"I haven't lied to anyone. I was told not to say 'Anything'! Having a chance to be sued for $5 million was not a chance I wanted to take. So watch TUF 11 and see what happens. I was just doing what I was told, for once. Sorry!"

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and current (at least for now) Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 11 Coach Tito Ortiz tweets his defense to the fan and media backlash over "Fibgate." Promotion boss Dana White was caught between a rock and a hard place when news broke early of Rich Franklin's participation in both TUF 11 and the UFC 115 main event -- two spots already occupied by "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy." White tweeted that he was instead looking at Franklin vs. Couture and told the Canadian press that Ortiz was "definitely" main eventing in Vancouver. Is a little "White" lie okay to keep the suspense? Or did Dana cross the line? Thoughts?

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