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Alistair Overeem: If Brett Rogers is such a good striker -- why doesn't he fight in K-1?



"I think that (Rogers) is a strong and big fighter, but no more then that. My game plan is to knock him out! Sometimes it is ok to hype up a fight and to bring more attention, but I guess that somebody calling me a coward like Brett did is just funny. He makes himself stupid or maybe does not know fighters like Bonjasky, Aerts and Badr Hari. If Brett is such a good striker and fearless why he is not fighting in K-1? I love challenging myself fighting in K-1 and MMA, and yes, after Rogers I want to fight Fedor. I already got a third place at the K-1 GP finals, something I do not see Rogers or Fedor even try!"

Current Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem holds himself to a higher standard based on his participation in K-1 kickboxing tournaments while fellow Strikeforce heavyweights Brett Rogers and Fedor Emelianenko continue to throw down in mixed martial arts bouts. Perhaps the same logic can be applied to "Demolition Man," who hasn't seen stateside MMA since 2007. Will he finally put his money where his mouth is and defend his belt at "Heavy Artillery" on May 15? Or will some last-minute shenanigans jeopardize the fight? We'll know in a little over a month...

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