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UFC Quick Quote: 'Tired' Jorge Rivera went back to basics to finish Nate Quarry


"The fight was good. I couldn't finish him in the first round because honestly I got tired. I got a little tired so I took his back and I was like 'I'll ding him up a little bit and catch my breath.' I got over to my corner and told my cornerman 'I'm a little tired.' He slowed my breathing down, I caught my breath again and I was ready to go. I felt like he was overcommitting on some of the things so I would fake, let him come in and that allowed me to get the 1-2, which eventually won the fight. Real simple mechanics, real simple boxing, nothing too complicated and I've always felt the basics are gonna win the fight for you so as long as you keep it simple and he falls into it, that's what's up. I got a real good thing right now and [my heart is] strong, so you're gonna see me a lot more."

An emotional and emphatic Jorge Rivera reflects (via on his UFC Fight Night 21 stoppage over Nate Quarry at the Bojangles Coliseum on March 31 in Charlotte. "El Conquistador" won his third straight fight inside the Octagon and has continued to look better each time out. With the UFC headed to Boston on August 28, expect to see more of Rivera later this summer. Is it time to see him take a step up in competition?

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