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Randy Couture: James Toney was willing to step up and put his money where his mouth is


Props: Wisconsin Combat Sports


"Several boxers have stepped up and said that we are no good at striking and they would knock us out, and James Toney is no different. He’s the first one that is willing to step up and put his money where is mouth is though, and I’d love to welcome him into MMA. There is no reason boxers can’t be successful in MMA. However, they need to learn, just as I did as a wrestler, that there are a lot of different techniques to learn. Or else they will be a fish out of water if they ignore those skills."

Five time UFC Champion Randy Couture isn't so quick to dismiss the chances of a professional boxer making a successful transition to mixed martial arts -- even a 41-year-old portly pugilist named James Toney -- who joined the Zuffa roster earlier this week. "The Natural" is looking for interesting fights in the twilight of his career and has talked openly about facing Rich Franklin and Lyoto Machida -- and even "Lights Out." Any Maniacs out there have a preference of who the Hall-of-Famer fights next?

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