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Attention Nevada fight fans: Help the UFC by completing the 2010 census


Rock the Vote? 1990's.

Politics (among other things) makes strange bedfellows, but when your state has become dependent on an eight-sided cash cow named Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), sometimes you do what you gotta do to get the job done.

That's why Secretary of State Ross Miller has formed an alliance between Nevada and the UFC to help promote awareness for the upcoming census, as outlined in a report by The Las Vegas Sun.

As Miller explains, getting the census wrapped up isn't an exercise in organizing Big Brother's watch-list, it's a means to an end -- specifically the $917 of federal funding per person each year, which adds up to approximately $10,000 a person over the 10-year span.

And when Nevada makes money, the UFC makes money, according to former light heavyweight champion and MMA fan-favorite Forrest Griffin:

"Obviously anything in Nevada is UFC territory. We take it that way and the more funding for Nevada, the more for the UFC."

The state's advertising campaign will target the slacker-populated demographic of 18- to 30-year-olds, which (surprise) are the least likely to complete the upcoming census.

Part of that campaign will include a plea from UFC employees like Griffin and President Dana White, who are expected to appear in upcoming commercials to help persuade Nevada residents to help out the state and ultimately, the UFC.

The census is scheduled to hit mailboxes within the next two weeks. Anybody still on the fence about doing their part -- or will the UFC-branded ad campaign help influence your decision?

Let's hear your take, Maniacs.

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