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Dan Hardy: Marcus Davis needs to 'chill out'


Props: Fighter's Only


"Yeah I saw [the AIDS tweet]. I laughed. I think he needs to chill out a bit. I think more than anything it is Davis getting to Davis now. I think he needs to see it for what it was and just chill out a bit. It was all meant in good humor, I didn’t say anything malicious or do anything malicious. It was all funny stuff, like the photoshops and the plastic paddy thing. It was just like a back and forward you’d get between mates in our gym any day of the week."

-- UFC number one welterweight contender Dan Hardy is unfazed by the verbal attacks from former foe Marcus Davis, who Tweeted that he wanted "The Outlaw" to die of AIDS. After coming under fire for the remarks, which were in response to Hardy's call for homoerotic photos of Davis from the blogosphere, Davis quickly amended his death wish from AIDS to "Hit by a car." Like Frank Mir, "The Irish Hand Grenade" seems overly obsessed with a specific loss and has turned the normally fun trash-talking game into a public relations nightmare. Why doesn't Davis just "chill out" like Hardy says and move on? Opinions?

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