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New UFC Gym to open in Rosemead (CA) amid community concerns


Just over a month after the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) opened the doors to its brand new, state-of-the-art fitness gym in Concord, Calif., the worlds largest fight promotion has already got its sights set on a second facility in Rosemead.

The UFC Gym enterprise, a concept that was formally introduced in early 2009, is expected to grow to as many as 400 gyms across the United States within five years. While members won't necessarily learn how to fight, they will endure similar training opportunities and have access to fighters who drop in for meet and greets, as well as enjoy extended benefits such as priority access to tickets and first-look privileges to news and events.

It's a great way for UFC and MMA fans to get in shape without having to get their butts kicked in the process.

But don't expect a very warm welcome from city councilman Gary Taylor, who according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, attempted to block the gym's Rosemead debut. Not because he's encouraging obesity -- but the report suggests he's terrified of the gym turning into a breeding ground for "smoker fights."

From Taylor:

"Watching those fights was ridiculous. They would hit somebody in the head, knocking them to the ground, then pounce on them and use both fists to beat their head while they are on the ground. I don't understand that kind of fighting."

Fortunately Taylor was shot down when the city council voted 3-1-1 to allow the gym to open as approved by the Planning Commission. The new UFC Gym, which carries a price tag of around $4 million, will be located at 8920 Glendon Way, next to the 10 freeway in the location of the old Levitz furniture store.

With an aggressive roll-out planned for future gyms, don't be surprised to see one popping up near you. Also don't be surprised to see "the powers that be" increase their anxiety medication at the sound of anything UFC-related.

For more on the UFC Gym enterprise click here.

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