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UFC Quick Quote: Rousimar Palhares 'sorry' for late ending submission on Tomasz Drwal

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"I didn't feel that he was tapping. I felt that he was pushing my leg. And I held on until the referee stopped the fight because I didn't want to misunderstand. I didn't want to hurt him. I was very excited about the fight. I'm really sorry if I hurt him."

Muscular middleweight menace Rousimar Palhares apologizes (via MMA Fighting) for failing to break the heel hook submission he applied in the first round to submit Tomasz Drwal at UFC 111 back on March 27. The "Gorilla" tapped to no avail and referee Kevin Mulhall had to physically intervene upon calling the fight. "Toquinho" insists there was no harm intended but the NJSACB wasn't impressed with his post-fight apology and slapped him with a 90-day suspension.