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UFC Quick Quote: Frank Mir points to experience as the difference maker at UFC 111


"I think [Carwin has an advantage in] stand up as far as he's a hard hitter. He does punch hard, so if I stood in the pocket with him, it's going to be a coin flip at that point. If I miss a shot and he lands it, it's not gonna be a very nice night for me. At the same time he is still relatively new to the sport. He is a very explosive puncher, but very basic and very straight line. My last couple of fights, I've shown that I use a lot of angles, throw punches in different areas, and I keep myself out of harm by using footwork. On my feet, I feel comfortable as long as I fight intelligently and use the fact that I have a lot more experience and use the range to my advantage."

On the eve of the highly anticipated UFC 111 co-main event, the interim heavyweight title fight between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin has been dissected and analyzed ten times over. But what's one more quote from the man himself gonna hurt? In speaking with ESPN 101 in St. Louis (via Sports Radio Interviews), the former champ talked about what is widely considered to be Carwin's main advantage in this bout, his power. But Frank also detailed why he still believes that he holds the edge in the stand up game overall. There's no debating that Mir has more experience in the sport and that his striking is far more technical. But, will that be enough to get him by the heavy-handed brawler? Drop some knowledge, Maniacs.

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