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Dana White: Junior dos Santos can fight again -- just not against Cain Velasquez




"Dos Santos got himself in the mix the other day. If you question whether he should be or not, he showed you the other night that he should be. The great thing is, a guy asked me out there, 'Are you going to do Cain Velasquez against dos Santos now?' The way I see it is, and the way my luck has gone lately, with injuries and stuff, I think you keep these guys in line. You've got Mir and Carwin fighting, whoever comes out, if the winner doesn't have any cuts or break his hand or anything like that, he goes right out and fights Brock Lesnar this summer. Then you've got Cain Velasquez waiting in the wings for the next fight. Then you've got dos Santos ready for the next one. I like having those guys in line and we'll have a lot of good fights -- title fights that people actually care about. (Dos Santos) can fight again. It's not like we're going to put him on the bench and say, 'Oh, we'll hold you here.' But you don't have him fight Cain Velasquez. If he loses along the way to somebody else, he definitely wasn't ready for Lesnar or whoever the champion is."

UFC President Dana White quickly dismisses any possibility of a heavyweight number one contender bout between Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez, despite their similar rise to power within the division. After Brock Lesnar defends his belt at UFC 116 against the winner of Shane Carwin vs. Frank Mir at UFC 111, Velasquez will get his chance at the title while dos Santos continues to work his way through the current crop of aspiring heavyweights. Is the Brazilian getting a raw deal? Or is White simply doing what's best for the division?

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