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Anderson Silva: Fighting at heavyweight is 'definitely something I have in mind'




"I’m actually far from cleaning out my division. I feel like there may be guys that are even better than me coming into the UFC. Proof that there’s tough guys in the division is Demian Maia right now... (the fight’s) going to be a big challenge for me. My goal is still to put on as many great fights in the UFC, as many victories as I can throughout the three divisions -- middleweight, light heavyweight and possibly heavyweight. Heavyweight is definitely something I have in mind. It’s in my plans ... My biggest motivation is to be the champion of the UFC, the biggest event in the world. I feel right at home in the UFC; everyone who makes the UFC circus move makes me feel right at home and very comfortable. I’m very happy with where I’m at. I love being the champion, that it makes me happy and motivates me to get the training and getting back into the Octagon."

Reigning UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva talks about the unfinished business he has in the 185-pound division but also talks about a possible future at heavyweight. "The Spider" has made a mockery of his current division and hopes to continue his absurd winning streak against Demian Maia at next month's UFC 112 event in Abu Dhabi. If the Brazilian can get past his next fight and then possibly Vitor Belfort, does he have the tools to challenge at heavyweight? Or does his lanky frame make him chum for some of the powerful wrestlers currently ruling the roost?

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