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UFC Quick Quote: Frank Mir is not obsessed with Brock Lesnar as a person -- just in finding a way to beat him


"It's a legitimate concern [focusing too much on Lesnar while overlooking Carwin]. But I'm not so much obsessed with Lesnar as a person, as I am with the techniques and positioning he used to beat me. And it's an obsession that will do me well with this fight. If I don't improve upon those aspects of the game, Carwin is also a very strong and powerful guy who's a great wrestler, and he can do the same things to me that Brock did."

As his UFC heavyweight interim title fight with Shane Carwin at UFC 111 nears, much has been made over Frank Mir's "obsession" with his nemesis Brock Lesnar at the expense of fully preparing to take on Carwin. But Mir sees it differently than most people do. While joining's exclusive presentation of Pro MMA Radio this week, Frank shed some light as to why he actually views his intense focus on beating Brock as a positive in his preparation for Shane. And the guy has a point. His increased effort in adding the size and strength to compete with Lesnar could very well come in handy in this weekend's fight. As Mir noted, Carwin is very similar to Lesnar when it comes to size, strength, and wrestling ability. Aside from whether or not you agree that Frank is just obsessed with beating Brock in the cage, rather than obsessing over him on a more personal level, do you agree with the fact that if there is one aspect that will decide this fight above all others, it's the strength factor? Let's hear some thoughts, Maniacs.

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