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UFC Quick Quote: Bob Reilly 'probably' won't vote against MMA if it's included in NY budget

"It is violence for violence’s sake. And violence begets violence.... [But if the sanctioning of mixed martial arts is not removed from the budget process] Then I will probably not vote against it. As this will only be a small part of the budget."

-- Perhaps the biggest roadblock for the legalization in New York, Assemblyman Bob Reilly, tells the New York Times that he may hang up his bureaucratic gloves if his latest effort to exclude the sanctioning of the sport in the state budget fails. He admits that the fiscal problems of the "Empire State" are "too big to be held up by a fight over mixed martial arts." Reilly recently sent a letter to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, which was signed by 48 members of the 150-seat Assembly, to have MMA cut out of the budget. Let's hope she doesn't get the memo. This could finally be the sign of good things to come ... especially with Radio City Music Hall hosting the UFC 111 press conference tomorrow (March 24, 2010) for the event that is scheduled to take place just across the river in Newark, N.J., this weekend. It will certainly be a nice new revenue stream for the government coffers, generating approximately $4 million per event. Cha-ching ...

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