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Jon Fitch: Promoters and fighters are dumbing down MMA to appease fair-weather fans


Props: Bleacher Report


"I view them as fair-weather fans. They aren't mixed martial arts fans. They want to see K-1 kickboxing with small gloves and not MMA. I'm always working to finish fights. There are two guys in the fight, and if the other guy is looking to just survive, it's hard to finish. Promoters and fighters are dumbing down the sport to appease those fans. Those fans won't be there for the long haul and will turn their back on the sport as soon as they find the next big thing. I think referees standing fighters up too soon is one of the dumbest things that has been done recently. They need to let the fighters work on the ground, and not be so quick to bring the fighters back to their feet."

UFC welterweight contender Jon Fitch reacts to criticism surrounding his inability to finish fights after going 5-1 since 2007 with six decisions. The former collegiate wrestling standout is hoping for a little more patience from the MMA community so that fighters who implement a ground attack have the opportunity to work for position instead of fighting out of fear of being stood up every time the crowd gets restless. Do any Maniacs out there agree with Fitch? Are today's fans too impatient to appreciate the ground game? Or is the promotion simply being less tolerant of stalling on the ground? Opinions please.

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