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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White says Herb Dean missed call at UFC on Versus 1


"If he [Buentello] couldn't continue right there, you can't come in [and call timeout]. His finger broke. You could see he tried to stay away from the takedown, and his finger just snapped, it wasn't caught in the glove. It was broke. It should have been a TKO... This sounds insane, but it's like going in there and popping Duane's foot back in place and continuing to fight. If that was possible, it'd be the same thing."

UFC President Dana White talked to Yahoo! Sports about another poor refereeing job during the Paul Buentello vs. Cheick Kongo fight last night at UFC on Versus 1. This time, he actually calls out the man man who he has deemed the best ref in the game, Herb Dean, for mistakingly allowing the doctors to pop "The Headhunter's" finger back in place and continuing the fight. White correctly states that because of the injury that was suffered, if Buentello was not able to continue to fight immediately thereafter, the fight should have been ruled as a technical knockout in favor of Kongo. So, are we all in agreement here that this is just further proof that instant replay in MMA needs be adopted by all athletic commissions?

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