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Dana White: No more 185-pound fights for James Irvin

Props: Cagewriter


"He looked terrible at the weigh-ins. There was [expletive] coming out of his face. I didn't know if it was skull or scar tissue or what it was. 205 is a tough cut for him. Tonight it looked like the 85 cut killed him. He couldn't get off. He couldn't throw any punches tonight and he was basically getting lit up by Sakara. That's not James Irvin. That's not who he is as a fighter. I really like him a lot but no more 185 for him. He didn't look good yesterday."

UFC President Dana White calls it one-and-done at middleweight for James Irvin, who did his best Skeletor impression at the UFC on Versus weigh-ins followed by a sub-par performance against fellow striker Alessio Sakara on March 21 in Denver. Irvin has been on the sidelines battling health related issues and may find a spot in the light heavyweight division -- if the promotion will have him back. Anyone think the "Sandman" deserves a second chance at 185?

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