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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White didn't want an April 17 event -- but does want Jake Shields


"I was never putting on an April 17 show. The media started calling me and asking me so I just let it ride. Let (Strikeforce) sweat it. (Expletive) them. You want to compete with us? Let’s do it. These guys consider themselves competitors and I like to compete. So, I can’t always tell (media) exactly what’s going on. But I really, really, really dislike these guys and Showtime. We’re going to fight until someone goes away and, believe me, it’s going to be them. Dan Henderson is fighting [expletive] Jake Shields. Come on. Are you serious? Jake Shields is 170 pounds, and he's their (185-pound) champion? Jake Shields is on the last fight of his contract, so they're feeding him to Dan Henderson right now because they want to get rid of him because he's going to go away, or they're going to have to pay him some big money to stick around or whatever the deal is. It's such [expletive] bush-league [expletive], and you guys know it. They're a [expletive] joke. If Jake Shields could pull that off, that would be incredible, and good for him. He's going to get paid because what's going to happen is we would love to take him from there, and I'm sure they'd love him to stick around. I will help drive that [expletive] number right up through the roof and let the Showtime boys pay him a lot of money so that Jake can stick it right up their ass. 'I just choked out Dan Henderson, and now you [expletives] are going to pay me for trying to stick it up my ass. I'm going to stick it up yours.'"

UFC President Dana White finally gets the opportunity to vent over the April 17Strikeforce "Nashville" event and its inclusion of former Octagon star Dan Henderson. White told reporters at the UFC on Versus post-fight press conference (via Yahoo Sports) that Shields is being "fed" to Hendo but win or lose would be a welcome addition to Zuffa's 170-pound roster. Of course many of the San Jose-based promotion's top stars may be headed to Las Vegas if White gets his wish and Strikeforce implodes -- but is that a foregone conclusion? Can Scott Coker succeed where the IFL, WFA, Elite XC, Affliction and PRIDE failed? Time will tell...

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