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Cesar Gracie: If you don’t have Jose Canseco -- then who the hell is Herschel Walker going to fight?


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"Jose walked into our gym and said, ’hey, I would love to train with you guys. You own three of the belts in Strikeforce. I believe you’re the best camp out there.’ Why wouldn’t we train the guy? Because he wrote a book about baseball and steroids? He’s just like anybody else walking in off the street ... I’ve read some of this stuff too, and I’ve talked to people and they’re like, ‘it’s a farce,’ and ‘it’s a spectacle,’ as if two people fighting in a cage for money isn’t a spectacle, but whatever. People have got to slow down a little bit. This is entertaining. I mean, if you don’t have Jose Canseco then who the hell is Herschel Walker going to fight? Think about that ... I mean let’s face it, this is a money industry. Let’s not make no qualms about that. There would be no UFC, no Strikeforce, no MMA really if people weren’t paying to watch, and I guarantee you’d have well over a million people watching Canseco fight Herschel Walker. It would bring so many fans to the sport."

Cesar Gracie talks about the latest addition to his world famous jiu-jitsu academy and the negative feedback he's received regarding the disgraced baseball star. Jose Canseco has been on a mission to fight Herschel Walker ever since the former NFL great made his successful debut at the Strikeforce "Miami" event back on Jan. 30. Is the steroid stool-pigeon simply looking for a quick hustle to payoff personal expenses? Or is he sincere is his quest to conquer the fight game? Either way, a student is a student according to Gracie. Anyone out there who wants to disagree with that statement?

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