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UFC Quick Quote: 'Big Country' needs to win because he needs to eat


"[Struve] is a great kid with a great record, 22-3 and he is 3-1 in the UFC. But I think our paths may have crossed a little early for him. He is a young kid, 21, I know he has a lot to look forward to ... I think its definitely going to be a ‘different' fight. You've got a 6' 11" guy against a 5' 5" guy, tall and slinky against short in stature. I think I am a little bit better in some aspects. I think my experience... actually I cant even say that, he has more fights than I do, haha! I think it will just come down to who wants it more. He is young hungry kid and I am a hungry old kid. I need to eat. I take every fight seriously, even my fight with Kimbo I took serious. You have to go in there and have a good gameplan and keep your head. One of the things I always do is take everyone serious because [MMA] is like football, any given Sunday any team can win."

Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 winner Roy Nelson talks to Fighter's Only about his "hunger" to succeed in his upcoming fight with Stefan Struve at UFC Fight Night 21 on March 31. Considering the fact that Nelson is unusually thick for a professional mixed martial artist and Struve is unusually tall for one, it's looking like someone is going to walk away from this bout as a victor due to their physical "assets." Question is, who's it gonna be? Will "Big Country" be able to use his weight to control Struve on the mat should it get there, or will "Skyscraper" employ his incredible reach to outstrike the former IFL champ? Lets hear some thoughts, Maniacs.

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