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UFC Quick Quote: Jon Jones has a bad poker face


"He is super unorthodox, but his unorthodox style leaves him open for a lot of different things. It's more timing than anything. It's not trying to chase him and it's not trying to follow his unorthodox style. It's timing. Watching him and watching for his mistakes.  He has tell tales. If it was poker, it'd be real easy to figure him out. There are certain things that he likes to do, and that he'll do before he does something else. You've got to watch him. You've got to watch him and catch him when he's slipping.... The way I'm going to catch his timing is to force him off of his game plan. Be in his face. Be in his mouth. To go at him."

-- Brandon Vera tells the USA Today that he has picked up on a few "tells" of his upcoming opponent, Jon Jones, at UFC on Versus 1, which is scheduled to take place at The Odeum Colorado in Broomfield, Colo., on March 21. Jones is indeed among the most unpredictable and unorthodox fighters in mixed martial arts today, whipping out moves, strikes and throws that aren't seen too often ... if at all. However, Vera feels that "Bones" may telegraph certain things inside the Octagon, making it possible to respond with effective force. Perhaps the only problem is that Jones does something new just about every time he competes. Will Vera be able to pick up on any ticks on fight night that will carry him to victory or will "The Truth" elude him for the third time in his last five fights?

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