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Dan Hardy: Matt Serra looks at me and sees the same situation he was in


Props: Las Vegas Sun


"I came out to New Jersey to finish camp, because I didn't want to fly out too close to the fight. I decided to put some feelers out to see if there was an opportunity to train with Matt and he was very welcoming. More than anything, Matt's been in there twice with Georges. He has a lot of experience with the guy. He made some mistakes in the second fight that he can relate to me so I don't make the mistakes myself. He looks at me and sees the same situation he was in. No one gave him a snowflake's chance in hell, but he believed in himself. He's been generous with his time, and he's helped me out. Georges is going to push me in areas I need to be pushed. I want to explore every aspect of this sport, and I'm hoping Geroges is the guy I can do that against. I have nothing to lose so I can take risks in this situation."

Number one welterweight contender Dan Hardy enlists the help of Matt "The Terror" Serra, the last man to dethrone reigning UFC 170-pound champion Georges St. Pierre. "The Outlaw" is talking up a good game -- but only has one finish in four Octagon appearances. Does he have the skill set to beat "Rush" when they collide at UFC 111 in Newark later this month? Or does he simply need a full gas tank and a well-placed bomb?

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