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Ricardo Almeida on UFC 111 bout with Matt Brown: 'I can win this fight anywhere it goes'


Props: Pro MMA Radio


"He's [Matt Brown] a grinder. He's got good standup. He wears guys down and then goes for the kill. I gotta have the right mental attitude to deal with his pressure. I believe I have the experience and technique to do it. I feel confident that I can win this fight anywhere it goes... I brought in a nutritionist for this camp. We did a mock weight cut a couple weeks ago and I got down to 173 lbs. with ease. I'm at about 190 right now. I feel like getting down to 171 will be no problem. If I lose on March 27, I won't be blaming it on the weight cut. It'll be because of Matt Brown."

When Brazilian Jui-Jitsu ace Ricardo Almeida makes his welterweight debut against Matt Brown at UFC 111 on March 27, all eyes will be focused on the effects of his weight cut. But just in case people are doubting his ability to successfully transition from 185 lbs. to 170 lbs., the Renzo Gracie pupil reassured Larry Pepe on Monday's edition of Pro MMA Radio presented by that there will be no problems concerning his newfound weight class. Almeida also added that though Brown is known for pressuring his opponents and taking the fight to them, he will be ready and able to compete anywhere the fight goes. So what do we think? Will Almeida make the smooth transition to welterweight that he promises, and will it have any impact on who walks away from this fight as the victor?

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