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UFC Quick Quote: Martial arts is about going to war, not wearing pajamas


"As far as saying I’m not a martial artist… Because he walks out in the Octagon in his pajamas he’s a martial artist and I’m not? He knows nothing about me… I’ve been doing martial arts my whole life. I’ll brawl… but I think about what I’m doing. I’m a cerebral fighter.... Martial arts is about going to war… and it’s about messing people up. And that’s what I’m going to do.... My workout is the winning formula. You can't put muscles here (pointing to his face). And that's all I'm aiming for... He can jump higher than me. He can lift trucks. It makes no different to me. When I connect on his chin he can lift all he wants… he's still going down."

-- Number one welterweight  contender, Dan Hardy, is not impressed with the athleticism and walkout gear of the reigning 170-pound champion, Georges St. Pierre. "The Outlaw" is only concerned with punching "Rush" in the face several times, which apparently all the muscles and God-given athletic ability in the world can't stop from hurting. Of course, Hardy has to remain upright to execute his gameplan, which is a rather daunting task when it comes to the crafty Canadian. Will Hardy find an opening, drop one on the button and put St. Pierre down for a nappy before he gets to put his jammies back on or is he simply talking a better game than what we will see at UFC 111 on March 27?

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