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Miguel Torres' cut gets revised during plastic surgery


Former WEC bantamweight champion, Miguel "Angel" Torres, today went back under the knife for the second time in little more than a week to revise the cut that Joseph Benavidez delivered to his forehead in their match at WEC 47.  

Dr. Harris Sterman of Teaneck, N.J. -- a plastic surgeon and a specialist in this type of surgery -- performed the operation.   

Torres was taken to the local hospital emergency room shortly after his second round submission loss last weekend, receiving 16 stitches on the outside and seven on the inside to close the gash.

However, because he makes a living as a fighter, he and his advisers opted to revise the cut and perform a more detailed closure of the wound to ensure that it does not give him problems down the road.

Sterman, therefore, performed what is known as a four-layer closure rather than settle for the regular closure performed after the fight.  

The procedure calls for the following steps: 

  1. Reopen the cut down to the bone. 
  2. Cut away on each side of the area to expose fresh skin and matter to work with and provide a very good fit to put the wound back together. 
  3. Perform a four-layer suture, which will close the posterium, the muscle, the dermis and then the epidermis.   

Instead of the 23 total stitches that he received initially, this procedure will see Torres receive more than 100 stitches with small gauge sutures.

Not only will he be able to fight with no worry in the future, but he'll be able to have an acting or modeling career, too.

Mullet and all.

Check out some of the pictures from the procedure below. You know you want to.



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