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Freddie Roach: The UFC is using James Toney to prove MMA fighters are better than boxers


Props: Crave Online (via Cage Potato)


"I think they're using James as a way to say MMA fighters are better than boxers. If he fights a quality ground guy, once he goes to the ground he's gonna get killed. But If a guy chooses to stand up with James, James is gonna destroy him. That’s why they call him 'Lights Out.' I really don’t think there’s one fighter in MMA that could stand with James."

Famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach doesn't think the UFC has any intention of using Toney for anything other than a shining example of the difference between boxing and mixed martial arts. Despite the world class hands of the aging pugilist, there isn't much hope for him against a top level wrestler with ground and pound skills. Can "Lights Out" shock the world with a flash KO? Or will the UFC send him packing with his tail between his legs? His first opponent may be the deciding factor...

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