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WEC GM Reed Harris on the Arnold Sports Festival: 'If there's a spot next year, I want to come back'


Props: Pro MMA Radio


"It's gonna be a matter of schedules. I think we would both [WEC and UFC] like to come back next year. I've already told the guys upstairs that I want to come back. If there's a spot next year, I want to come back. The UFC couldn't come this year because of their international travel. I'm gonna block this date out for the WEC next year. Columbus is a great place. The media here was great. We were on all the TV networks and radio stations, and the folks at the Arnold Classic helped us out a lot."

WEC General Manager Reed Harris was a guest on's exclusive presentation of Pro MMA Radio this week, and to the delight of Ohioans everywhere, he stated that he intends on bringing the mixed martial arts promotion back next year. That is of course if there's a spot. The UFC had occupied the Arnold Classic Weekend in terms of MMA events for the previous three years, but backed out of that spot this year presumably due to their hectic spring schedule. So for you Maniacs in the Great Lakes region, you can rejoice in the fact that barring any unforeseen circumstances, a Zuffa product will indeed be rolling through your territory for years to come.

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