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Jamie Varner: 'I really feel like I'm the best lightweight in the WEC'


Props: MMAWeekly


"Every time I've fought I've gotten better. Every time I've lost I've gotten better. Even from my first fight I lost to Jesse Moreng seven years ago, I lost that one, but it made me a much better fighter. Same with Hermes, even the Cowboy fight. Even though I won that fight, I felt like that Cowboy fight made me a tougher man, and I think the loss with Ben is going to make me an even better fighter. Ben fought like a girl, he got lucky, and I was so angry and making excuses, but honestly looking back on it, I've had time to take a breath and relax and really reflect on the fight, and I had a lot of fun. I really feel like I'm the best lightweight in the WEC, and I definitely feel like I'm one of the top five lightweights under Zuffa."

Former WEC Lightweight Champion Jamie Varner (16-3) still feels like he is the best lightweight in the WEC despite a submission loss to Ben Henderson at WEC 46 back in January to cough up the title. "C-4" was trying to explode on the up-and-comer but had no answer for the "Smooth" strategy and left his neck out for a quick tap out. Is Varner the promotion's best 155-pounder who just happened to make a mistake? Or is "The Worm" getting buried under a new generation of up-and-coming lightweights?

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