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UFC Quick Quote: Martin Kampmann healing up to defend against Smurf kicks


"Of course, number one, it sucks. Maybe I could have still fought, but I'm taking the smart choice and letting it heal. The doctor says there's a risk if it get's any impact on it, it will open right back up. It was so deep they had to stitch it on the inside and then close it and stitch it on the outside. It would suck to get in a fight and take a stupid jab that would open it right back up. I know there will probably be a little bigger risk with it, but as long as it's not going to open up for just a smurf kick, it's good. It's up to the UFC, they book their cards so far ahead that all the cards are really booked. I may have to wait until June but they know I want to fight earlier. If I don't get one, then that's what happens. You don't just get a spot by calling them up and telling them what date you want, it has to fit in the bigger picture."

Martin Kampmann -- who was looking to build on a submission win over Jacob Volkmann at UFC 108 -- talks to the Las Vegas Sun about pulling out of his UFC 111 fight against Ben Suanders because of a serious cut above his eye suffered in training. "Hitman" was hoping it could heal in time to compete in March, but it his ascension back up the 170-pound ladder will now have to wait just a little bit longer as Jake Ellenberger steps in to take his place. Is the Dane still a threat in the crowded welterweight division?

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