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Muay Thai trainer 'out of tune' with Anderson Silva; leaves 'Spider' camp




"I thank Anderson for all the time we spent working together. He’s a champion, a born striker, but we won’t continue working together in this partnership due to lack of tune in some moments. I decided to let the way open or him to work his Muay Thai with anyone he decides. The last fight we did was the one against Griffin… I think I ended my work with him in a great way."

French Muay Thai trainer Daniel Woirin, who helped Anderson Silva achieve victory in his previous four bouts, has parted ways with the current UFC Middleweight Champion after failing to find a middle ground with his training. Is there trouble brewing in the "Spider" camp? Or is this a routine change for a fight team heading into a UFC 112 bout against Vitor Belfort on April 10 in Abu Dhabi?

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