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Joe Lauzon becoming an athlete under the tutelage of BJ Penn and Marv Marinovich



"It’s been GREAT training. I have only been around for a couple weeks but I can see why BJ has looked so great in his last few fights. Marv and Gary Marinovich are on top of things here. On top of all the great stuff I have learned to do from Marv and Gary… I have really learned a lot of things NOT to do. Apparently I am not much of an athlete, because I do pretty much every activity with the worst form they have ever seen. I have horrible flexibility and I am just a nightmare. As Marv put it though: 'Imagine what you will be able to do when you become a real athlete.' I guess that just means I have a lot of room for improvement, right? I have made good improvements compared to how I started out though. I will have a LOT of time to improve on things before August rolls around anyways."

Bridgewater native Joe Lauzon (18-5) gets a little taste of the BJ Penn camp after flying to Hawaii to train under "The Prodigy" and his head conditioning guru Marv Marinovich. "J-Lau" returned from knee surgery to hook 'em up with Sam Stout in their "Fight of the Night" at UFC 108 in Las Vegas but was unable to break the "Hands of Stone," who took home the unanimous decision victory. Now the former TUF 5 contestant hopes to get back to his winning ways when the UFC comes to his backyard on August 28 in Boston. Will the new and improved Lauzon be a force to be reckoned with at 155-pounds?

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