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UFC Quick Quote: Wherever Cain Velasquez takes the fight, 'Minotauro' Nogueira will be ready


"I’m very excited for the fight. Wherever it goes, I’ll be ready. If he takes me down, we’re going for submissions. My jiu-jitsu will be 100 percent. King Mo is one the best wrestlers in America. We do a lot of single leg and double leg defense. I have a very good camp here. If I [win and rematch Frank] Mir, it will be different. I’ll be in better shape and no injuries. I don’t like how Mir talks. I come from jiu-jitsu. I come from martial arts. I train hard, and I respect my opponent. I will never say anything bad about my opponent. My opponent works hard so that’s my way. I don’t think he shows respect. I think I could fight until 37. I’m in really good shape. I’ll fight until my body tells me I can’t. I feel good. I’m going to do the best show possible."

Mixed martial arts pillar Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (32-5-1) tells Gary Herman that he's ready for anything in his UFC 110 main event against Cain Velasquez for the promotion's debut "down under" at the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia on Saturday, Feb. 21. Big Nog is hoping that a dominating win over the rising star, coupled with his victory over Randy Couture last August can put him back into the heavyweight title picture after a 2008 stoppage to Frank Mir temporarily derailed his ascension. Are there too many miles on the Brazilians tires? Or is he merely getting his second wind?

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